Another fine, 50 degree morning in San Francisco. Temperature at Ratter LA: 70 degrees. Temperature at Ratter HQ in Brooklyn: 27 degrees, and the bosses say the snow is coming down.

I went to a party Sunday on the beach. We barbecued vegetarian sausages (potatoes and sage) purchased at the cruelty-free grocery store that doesn’t sell meat, listened to a French man sing Johnny Cash and discussed the local community garden, which just won a city grant to install a rain-water collection system. The party was full of hopelessly cliched romantics, so we couldn’t help but stop talking as the sun slid under the horizon. Then we all got cold.

Happy Monday. You’ve got Fridays with Swamp, and Mondays with me, your San Francisco bureau chief. I want to know about any turds you find and I’ve got the stories from the weird corners of Ess Eff.

Brogrammers pound code.

This Tumblr will be especially fun if you remember Richard Scary from your childhood. Go learn about him if you don’t.


Burners are bringing a giant plane to the playa, but it might not be green enough for Burning Man.

A team of artists are gutting an old Boeing-747 that they want to bring the Burning Man and make into an “egalitarian hangout,” SFist reports.

As garish and enormous as a Boeing jumbo jet at Burning Man might sound, the gang is committed to keeping a small carbon footprint. “This is a great example of reuse,” Feldman said. “This plane was going to be turned into scrap aluminum, and then it’s just going to be beer cans. So what if we can do something more with that? Because I think just turning it into a bunch of beer cans is a shame.”


But there was much concern in the comments that tearing apart a giant 747 and hauling it to the Nevada desert might not be as ec0-friendly and reusable as it sounds as it sounds.

“Yeah.. he “saved” the plane from being recycled, so now they’ll mine more aluminum, one of the most energy inefficient metals to mine?” one commenter wrote. “Combined with the hundreds (thousands?) of gallons of diesel that will be used to drive this thing to the playa and otherwise around, this sounds anything but “green.”


And then:

“It’s not going to be driven, it’s going to be pulled. But please continue to tell me about a project you don’t really know anything about.”

And then:

“Pulled? By mule train? Getting that heavy thing there is going to take lots of pollution-generation, whether it be mule farts or diesel fumes.”


And finally:

“Every car that drives on the road, except maybe electric cars are polluting. There’s no difference. The plane isn’t driveable or flyable.”

Someone rammed a Patagonia store and stole all the jackets. (Maybe they were cold at the beach.)

A group of thieves smashed their U-Haul truck into the front window of a Patagonia store on Fisherman’s Wharf, grabbed all the $700 cruelty-free, 800-fill-power down jackets and sped off, NBC Bay Area reports.


This week in Kale: Everyone’s favorite leafy green.


And on to the rest of this sunny week. Highs will be in the 60s and lows in the mid-50s. Hope you see some sunshine:

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